"This is the best fabric care product on the market! My lingerie, sweaters and other delicates feel softer after each wash. It really does work great!"
  J Close

  "I have been using your disposable towelettes since they came on the market."
- Joyce B. Washington D.C.

    "I want to thank you for sharing the product called LaLift. I have been using it on my face, particularly my forehead, which was dry and flaky. Thanks to LaLift, its now smooth and my skin feels moist and healthy. A little bit of your product goes a long way and its not greasy. I use it every day and love the terrific smell of citrus!"
  Bobbi D. Virginia

      "My friends say Im a cleaning fanatic. At lunch I am always pulling out my hand sanitizer and use it throughout the day, particularly when people insist on shaking my hand. I keep the Clean Aid Kit in my car and use the mask when I travel on planes. I bought the Flu Away Disinfectant Kit, but hope I wont have to use it for more serious flu situations that may happen in the future."
Amy K.

      I am always fighting colds and the flu. I try to stay away from people at work or friends who are coughing, sneezing and sniffing, bought it!"
Frank Z

    "I do a lot of entertaining and prefer to use glasses or stemware, rather than paper or plastic. But, I couldnt seem to keep up with the number of glasses just left by guests, some filled and just abandoned. This was frustrating enough without having to deal with those terrible glass stains on my tables and linens particularly red wine stains! Finally, thanks to your disposable glass slippers, Ive been saved and so have my guests, who dont want to pick up someone elses glass. I usually put the entire box of Suzy Qs on the table with either colorful stickers (based on my theme or holiday) or a pen, so that my guests can help mark their own glasses. I still have to tell them to put the slippers on BEFORE they fill their glasses; otherwise, they are life- and time-savers for someone that loves to entertain, but needs a little help! Thanks."
Susan R, Arizona

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